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Step 1

A requestEnter your year of birth and email address, which must be the same as the address given in your registration.

You will be sent to this email. The year of birth is due to multiple registrations on one email address.

If your email address is already invalid or you do not know it, follow the instructions in "Step 4".

Step 2

Check emailCheck your email box to receive the email sent by the automated system.

The return email will include your current login, in addition to the password reset line.
ATTENTION! You must enter this login when resetting your password. Also keep in mind (CASE Sensitive).

The delivery can be with a small delay so please wait for delivery.

If you do not receive email from within a couple of hours, follow the instructions in "Step 4"

Step 3

Password resetYou have used the line sent by the system. Now you can enter a completely new password for your registration you want to use.

To reset the password, you also need to enter the login you received via the emial along with the password reset line. Login not change! Only password is reset.

After resetting, you can try to re-enter your profile or through the application form using logins and new password.

Step 4

Our help If you do not receive a request to reset your login and password, you will need to contact us about resetting login information. In that case, please send us your request by email or via the contact form.
You must include all of your personal data in the application - the full date of birth (day, month and year), name, surname, residence (enough municipality) needed to verify your identity. Without complete data, we will not be able to verify your identity or send you the necessary link! Also, the time to resolve the request will be considerably extended by further questioning.

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